1. Adventures in Editing — Part 4

    It’s been a while since I last posted about the process by which I decided to rewrite Obsession-Compulsion, but I have good news:

    I have completed (finally!) the first round of edits and I’ve even completed the cover. I’m doing one final read-through before I format it as an ebook for sale from your favorite etailers.

    Just keep an eye out for Carnal College! I’ll be posting the cover shortly. Huge thanks to Lex at entrancement.co.uk for the cover models…

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    Poor Mudak’s Almanak turned 2 yesterday!  Go on and experience The Hornometer again for the first time!

    Poor Mudak’s Almanak turned 2 yesterday!  Go on and experience The Hornometer again for the first time!

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  3. Something a little different

    Happy holidays, whatever holiday you might want to celebrate! (Or, you could be like me and celebrate pretty much all of them…)

    I have a short essay in the excellent — and very funny — HumorLabs Guide to the Holidays, which is now available as an ebook on Amazon. I’m not saying what the essay is about, but suffice it to say it’s not my usual erotic writings.

    So enjoy it!

  4. Adventures in Editing — Part 3

    The editing of Obsession-Compulsion for eventual publication as an ebook is progressing smoothly, albeit slowly.

    It’s weird. I think one of the biggest things I’m running into right now is the level of detail I feel I need to go into. In some places, I’ve cut a lot out and in others I’ve added at least as much. I remember when I first wrote it, that somewhere around the halfway point of the tale, it became less about the sex and more about the progression of the plot. Now I’m aiming for an even mix of sex and plot throughout. I’m not afraid to add entire chapters to fill in the gaps, and the edited version is already five chapters ahead of what it was originally. While it’s not a given, then, the final product could have more than 100 chapters in it. That might make it feel like a Dan Brown book…

    I have no sense of how many words it’ll be when it’s done. It’ll take a lot to get it over 100K, but it’s certainly possible…

    Two other things I’m thinking about, that aren’t as certain as the editing itself: the title and the cover art.

    I almost definitely am not going to use the title “Obsession-Compulsion”. Here are some possible titles I’m considering:

    • H Is For Horny
    • Wannafukka U
    • How It Spreads

    The other thing I find myself thinking of, is the cover for the book itself. I’m considering using a classic painting for it. Thankfully, there’s a virtual art gallery over at WikiPaintings. Here are a few great works I’m considering using:

    Woman’s Bath, by Albrecht Durer

    Bacchanal, by Titian

    Roman Orgy in the Time of Caesars, by Henryk Siemiradzki

    More news still to come…
  5. Adventures in Editing — Part 2

    It’s been a week since I last wrote about my efforts to turn my virgin erotic story, Obsession-Compulsion into an ebook, so I figured I’d give everyone a follow-up. As I’ve written previously, the original story was posted to the EMCSA as a series of 24 “parts”, each of which was published separately. Each “part” consisted of anywhere from two to five chapters. (In the end, it was 87 chapters, plus an Epilogue.) I have completely re-edited the first part and am currently working on the second part. Originally, the first part consisted of four chapters and was 5762 words long. In the re-edited version, the first seven chapters (and 6473 words) can be considered the first part. Here is a high level summary of what’s different:

    • The original story begins with journalist Gary Milford receiving a phone call from the mysterious scientist. The re-edited story starts with the scientist himself deciding it’s time to go public.
    • In the original story, the initial presentation of the slave known as Lana seems to be a happy coincidence that she just happened to be there at the time. In the rework, you can tell that it was planned that she be there.
    • The overall description of the initial experiment was originally drawn out far too long and, quite frankly, it was boring. I slimmed it up, trimmed it down, or otherwise made it work better.
    • I very vividly remember one particular criticism of the story as it originally appeared, that the controlling mechanism more closely resembled nanites than a virus. It’s still a virus but it transmits nanites from one subject to another.
    • The scientist no longer insists on editing Gary Milford’s work before publication.
    • General improvements to what was obviously a novice’s first attempt at writing something of this nature.
    And there’s still more to come!
  6. Adventures in Editing — Part 1

    So my efforts are currently underway to turn my virgin erotic story, Obsession Compulsion into an ebook. This is the first in a series of occasional blog entries talking about how I’m doing and what I’ve accomplished.

    Let me start with a little bit of background. I first wrote Obsession-Compulsion after I’d read enough other stories on the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive and thought, Hey! I could do that.

    So I sat down and wrote the first “part” — nearly six thousand words and four chapters— in one night and I sent it off on its merry way. The following Sunday, it was posted, as per the norm for that site.

    At the time, I wrote it using Apple’s Pages software. Since then, I have picked up both Storymill and Scrivener, both of which are much more suited towards this kind of a writing effort. (I’m told that Ulysses is also really good, but I haven’t tried that one … yet.) I wrote the entire story using Pages, with each “part” being a unique document, plus another document just to track characters and other important plot points.

    So the first step, was to take the 25 unique documents and bring them all into Storymill (My app of choice for most of my projects). The next step — the really boring part — was to break each part into its individual chapters, so I could mark them up chapter-by-chapter, re-editing where necessary and just getting it to work better.

    Now that that’s done, I can get into the actual rework. And I admit it: I absolutely hate the opening of it. It’s clunky, pays attention to the wrong details, and just shows signs of having been written in one night.

    So I’ve completely reworked the beginning of the story. The first chapter is now two chapters… Now it starts with the professor looking at one of his slaves and deciding it’s time to go public. Then the second chapter is the journalist on his way to meet with the professor…

    And soon I’ll be rewriting the initial meeting.

    More news when it’s known.

  7. 38, 39, 40…

    So far this month, I’ve published two new ebooks. They are:

    Whistle Blower

    Donna knows all about her sister’s frustrations with her husband and the help — or lack thereof — she’s getting around the house and with raising the kids. After a nice relaxing lunch, Donna takes her sister to a small out-of-the-way shop that promises to be the solution to all of her problems. The only question is: will it live up to the promise?

    This is a fun, sexy romp that demonstrates why a good and satisfying sex life can be the best solution to any marital woes, with a surprise twist at the end that will leave you wondering, laughing, and, most importantly, breathing heavily!

    This is a reimagining of the story that won cactusjuggler’s contest this past January on the EMCSA. Quoth the spiny plant tosser when he made his reviews:

    So, after reading this story, I think I may need to read more Mudak.

    There are a bunch of things to like here. Trying to give an ethnic vibe by portraying accents in prose is a tough thing, but they way Mudak did it here worked for me. I had no problem pulling an old Russian lady from my mind’s central casting and hearing her talk here. To wrap things up here, I really like this story. Well written, not too mean and not too nice, with a bit of heat for spice—that’s a pretty good recipe.

    … and in the final summary, he said:
    I liked this story too much for this to really be all that close. I respect the opinions of anyone who read all of these and thinks this is the incorrect choice, even if they are totally wrong.
    Please also note that the story, which was originally titled The Diccolo when I posted it to CJ’s contest, was inspired by this picture:

    Smashwords Amazon Barnes and Noble AllRomance

    The second ebook this month was:

    The Gift that Keeps on Getting

    At first, Melody doesn’t understand why her older sister has given her a vibrator as a wedding gift. All it takes, though, is one use of the electronic device, and she understands exactly why it’s euphemistically known as a “marital aid”. In fact, she loves it so much that she decides to give the same model to her bridesmaids…

    If you like stories of sexual awakening, finding community in the simple pleasures of life, and girls having fun on their own and with their chosen partners, you’ll love this sexy, sensual story of solidarity and self-discovery.

    Go check out both of these ebooks!

    Smashwords Amazon Barnes and Noble AllRomance

    (Note that if you bought your copy of either of these books from Smashwords before yesterday — November 18, 2013 — there was a formatting issue that kept the cover off of the first page, but I’ve since corrected it. Feel free to go back to Smashwords to download an updated version of the ebook.)

    So that puts my total number of published ebooks at 39, although one of those is exclusively on Amazon until January… And I’m going to break with tradition and report that my 40th ebook will be a reworking of my first ever erotic story, Obsession-Compulsion. I published as a serial novel over the course of nearly three years on the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive, starting in June of 2005. The final product has more than 90,000 words spanning 87 chapters (plus an epilogue).

    It is by far my longest work, and, if my experience a few months ago with the Hornometer (only 40,000 words, by comparison) is any indication, there’s going to be a lot that I’m going to be changing to clear up continuity issues, improving the writing, and other “process” type stuff that I didn’t care as much about a decade ago. I already know that the opening chapter is going to get an almost complete overhaul. Hell, it’s not even a given that I’ll be keeping the title Obsession-Compulsion.

    I will, however, occasionally blog about my progress in the re-writing/re-editing of this story. My goal is to have it published by the end of the year, so let’s see if I can pull it off…
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    I think anyone who self-publishes can relate to this…

    I think anyone who self-publishes can relate to this…

  9. A Sale of Two Titties

    I write erotica. There. I’ve said it. (Although, if you read this tumblr with any frequency, you should already know that…)

    It’s a funny thing about erotica: when you write sex, you’re going to eventually write about something someone doesn’t like. Hell, the very fact that you’re writing about sex, means that someone somewhere isn’t going to like it, but I’m not really speaking to the more prudish in our midst.

    And I’m not here to pass judgment, really. I’m pretty sure that I’ve written people in different sex positions that someone somewhere doesn’t like. I’ve even written some things that I don’t actually like…

    I mention this because two online sellers of ebooks got some bad press about a month ago in England. While the exact details are sketchy as to what triggered it, but the net result was a crackdown on two types of erotica, both of which involve activities that are, frankly, illegal: incest and underage sex. By “underage” I don’t mean young children, but with teenagers technically below the age of consent but still old enough to know that they want to get laid.

    And by incest, I actually mean close relations that might not actually be blood relatives. Step-brother and step-sister and other aspects of what could be called “pseudo-incest” apply as well.

    I talked about this a little bit in a blog entry from last month.

    To be clear, Amazon has a hard and fast rule explicitly banning incest from their erotica. The first draft of The Lustful Meme had two sisters getting it on, and it was rejected. When Amazon rejected it, I made them step-sisters and added a huge amount of dialogue with the two sisters reminiscing about how they met when their parents got together.

    The two sites that got the most negative press last month, are Amazon and Kobo. And the way they handled the negative publicity speaks volumes about both companies.

    Kobo sent me an email saying that they had “quarantined” all works of erotica pending a thorough review of them for content and consistency with their terms. A week later, I got an email that said that most authors have had the quarantine lifted and that if anyone’s books were still missing, please contact customer service. I did exactly that, and the response was that they hadn’t gotten to my ebooks yet.

    Amazon, on the other hand, kept the ebooks up and reviewed them one by one. None of my ebooks — not even the modified version of The Lustful Meme — ended up getting pulled. This story was duplicated in my Exotic Destinations Trilogy anthology.

    While both companies may have overreacted to the negative publicity they received, I think Kobo handled it far worse than Amazon did. What Kobo did amounted to little more than censorship, despite their protestations to the contrary.

    I have thus made the active decision no longer to publish my ebooks through Kobo. I have already un-linked them from this blog. When they quarantined my library, my story Mountin’ Biking was still awaiting review and, after it was reviewed, it became available for sale. I have not posted any of my subsequent stories to Kobo. I will make a decision as to what to do with my other ebooks when and if they take them out of quarantine.

    I do find it curious that, of all taboo sexual topics, incest gets so many people up in arms. Yes, an argument can be made against incest on the grounds that children conceived as a result of that kind of relationship are at higher risk for birth defects or other problems, and that the very nature of sexual selection in a species is to attain genetic diversity. After too many generations of incest, the diversity tends to get a bit thin. We’ve seen that historically within monarchies.

    But if you take offspring out of the picture, either in a hetero relationship that goes out of their way not to have children, or in a same-sex relationship in any capacity, is there anything truly bad about incest? As long as you’re dealing with consenting adults, does it deserve the taboo that is currently heaped upon it? A fellow author who, up until Amazon pulled a large percentage of his work, made far more money selling ebooks than I have would argue that the market certainly exists for incest porn. If ever the question was worth asking, it’s here: why?

    After all, all we’re doing is indulging in a fantasy.

  10. My Latest Ebooks

    Oh, shit! I’m a bit late in getting a new blog entry up, and for that I apologize. Since my last entry, I have published not one but two ebooks.

    The first one is the Amazon-only ebook, Subliminal Awakenings. This is a fun little romantic romp about a guy who taps into a fantasy he didn’t realize his girlfriend had. The only problem is her old friend who doesn’t approve…

    Subliminal Awakenings won the December 2012 writing contest over at the MC Forum and as a part of my reward for winning, the host designed the cover for the ebook. I like the way it turned out, both the story and the cover.

    I will consider posting this ebook to other sites, in January or February.

    The second ebook is Cunning Linguistics (Amazon Smashwords Barnes and Noble AllRomance). This story is about a very charismatic college professor who teaches a linguistics class and finds that he can be very … influential over his students.

    Each of these ebooks costs $2.99 (US Dollars). Enjoy them!